Friday, 16 May 2014

Personal Review of Second Year

So here it is. The end of my second year at university! What happened? Where has the time gone? All I know is that I’ve matured as an artist and as a person. My skills have thrived within the family I have within my course year.

Throughout this year I have really pushed my skills, putting all that I learned in my first year here to the test, and forcing myself to develop my creative imagination. This has been a very important year for me, in that I feel like I have developed much further than in my first year. I have also begun to really understand the structure of my three years here much more clearly; with the first year being to learn basic understanding and skills with the tools we are required to use, this, the second year being to learn more complex and advanced techniques with these tools as well as becoming “fluent” in the various computer programs. With the third and final year being to show my knowledge and understanding of artistic license and ability with what I’ve learnt.

Throughout this second year, we have been subtly pushed towards focusing our skills into what we would like to do, or what we naturally have a talent for within the games industry. Having entered this course wanting to be a character or creature artist, not really sure of my direction; I found that by the end of my first year, I wasn’t going in that direction. Throughout second year, my calling has really been directed towards vehicle and weapon design and modelling. Having avoided angular, man-made objects through my artistic past at school, it was something that I found I actually really enjoyed doing once I put my mind to it. Actually having to do this as a requirement in projects and work, this made me realise that these sorts of designs were a joy to produce.

Having found what I feel is my correct route for a career, I’ve done more personal work and learning this year, forcing myself to work in labs almost every available day to avoid distractions and get more work done. Practicing high poly modelling and researching weapon mechanics has helped me produce more extravagant designs, thinking outside of the box, as well as becoming very quick with 3D production elements compared to first year.

With this new understanding and speed in painting, drawing and modelling, and a more advanced understanding of the software I use, I feel I want to drive these skills further and produce work over the summer break. Hopefully this will help me to get up to a decent speed for my final year as well as giving me some portfolio work which could potentially help me get employed.  I also want to learn some new things, such as visual effects and animation in order to broaden my employability and help me to understand some personal interests.

Finishing my second year here has really made me wonder where the time here goes, yet makes me realise the extent myself and my course mates work in order to achieve our goal of a career in the demanding industry. Working with my course mates has again helped me to improve much more quickly than if I were to work on my own. I think the working relationships we all have as a year has really encouraged our own personal growth and gain, this is one things I think being at university has really touched me with. Without all the support, I would not be anywhere near where I am as an artist today.

Going into my third and final year now, I look forward to really showing what I’ve learnt in my time here. To be able to do what I want in a showcase for my final major project is something that I have many ideas for and really look forward to. As I polish off my last bits of work, I will leave it here until next year. Until then, stay tuned…